If your vehicles are not registered under IRP or IFTA, you would require temporary fuel or trip permits before entering another jurisdiction. You need to obtain a permit for operating vehicles exceeding limitations on the size and weight.

Trip Permits

In order to operate in a location which is not registered under IRP, a temporary trip permit must be obtained before entering that jurisdiction. The trip permit will be issued by a member jurisdiction in lieu of IRP credentials for properly registered vehicles.

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Fuel Permits

In order to operate in a location, without a valid IFTA decal and license, a temporary fuel permit is needed. Carriers must secure a fuel permit prior to entering a jurisdiction for which they are not properly permitted.

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Oversize and Overweight Permits

If the dimensions or weight of the vehicle and/or load exceeded the limits, they must obtain an oversize/overweight permit authorizing movement according to vehicle size and weight.

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